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Each Frame Tells a Story:
An Interview with Sherlock Cinematographer Steve Lawes
by mid0nz

(photos courtesy of Robert Viglasky)

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American fans rejoice! The second episode of Series Three ‘The Sign of Three’ airs TONIGHT!

Don’t forget to tune in at 9:58pm EST / 8:58pm CST/ 6:58pm PST on PBS!

For more information, videos, ‘Many Happy Returns’ minisode and the last week’s episode, visit the official PBS website dedicated to Sherlock.

If you don’t have TV available, the episode should be available via PBS website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please understand that it is not possible to maintain the spoiler-free policy for too long. We decided that we will coordinate our spoiler-free treatment of the Sherlock material with American airing of the episodes; therefore, once the episodes air the in the USA, we will not consider them spoilers any more. Thank you for your understanding.



BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH Signed Sherlock Deerstalker - St Mungo’s Woolly Hat Day (

The very nice people at St. Mungo’s have asked me to let you all know that you can now bid on the deerstalker. Here’s their email:

Although St Mungo’s Woolly Hat Day (Friday 31st January 2014) is just around the corner – it’s not too late to get involved! The beauty of Woolly Hat Day is its simplicity - put on your woolliest, craziest or cutest hat, make a donation to St Mungo’s and help to change someone’s life.

Below are a few other ideas of how you can get involved…

Buy a unique St Mungo’s Woolly Hat, lovingly knitted by one of our supporters please visit There’s a choice of 5 snug, woolly hats to choose from in a range of different colours as well as a ‘Lucky Dip Hat’ option for the brave ones of you out there - so if you are stuck for a hat for the big day or your ears are a bit chilly - this could be the perfect solution!

Bag yourself a top celebrity hat by visiting our Woolly Hat Day Celebrity Hat Auction which is open for bidding from now until 2nd February. We have signed hats donated by Joanna Lumley, Elton John, Benedict Cumberbatch and many more!

You can also support Woolly Hat Day by making an online or text donation via our JustGiving page or by texting WOOL14 followed by the amount you would like to donate (£2 / £5 / £10 / £50)  to 70070 e.g.

  • WOOL14 £2 
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  • WOOL14 £50 


For more information on how to get involved with Woolly Hat Day email or call the Woolly Hat Day Team on 020 8762 5582.

Any money raised over Woolly Hat Day will be a real help to homeless and vulnerable people – you can read more about our work, and stories from some of our clients on our website.

With your support we can help even more homeless people to get ahead,

 With thanks,


So if you can, here’s an unique chance to get this iconic piece!

Bless you, Loo Brealey. (x)

I have a feeling someone has started working on a new script…

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-A Study In Scarlet-

…Or how to make a dragon.

I get bored on Sundays, so this is what I did today. I’ll upload the pictures later, one by one, for you to see them properly and HD.


'You're my happy ending.'

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Four exclusive new pictures from the wedding album.
Join us at 8.30pm on BBC One when Sherlock faces his biggest challenge of all - delivering a best man’s speech.

Sherlock Series Three continues: ‘How To’ Guide


Series 3 CONTINUES TOMORROW WITH ‘The Sign of Three’! We will see The Wedding! And Sherlock trying to perform well as John’s Best Man! Oh God Yes.

Now to the IMPORTANT issues!


A) If you are in the UK (I suppose you guys know too well what your options are but just in case, right. To be on the safe side. You can’t blame me I want to be 100% sure you WILL SEE IT.):

a) Watch the episode on YOUR OWN TV (or on your friend(s)’s or on your neighbour’s or on the TV the bloke living across the street owns and allows you to watch it through the window, it really doesn’t matter. The essential thing is: TV. You can as well set up a viewing party, hells yeah!) on New Year’s Day aka 5st January 2014 at 8.30 pm GMT on BBC One.

b) If you cannot access television, you can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer here:

You can also REWATCH the episode for the following 7 days after it airs!

B) You live OUTSIDE the UK and you don’t have your own air date or you simply cannot wait (Come on, 19th January? Really?):

To watch the episode live, you’ll need to go ONLINE! *prayer circle for everyone to have Internet connection fast enough*

(unless you are one of those incredibly happy people who live across the Channel and BBC One airs there, too. In that case, section A) applies)

a) You can watch the episode via BBC iPlayer on Sunday 5th January at 8.30 pm GMT here:

However, to accomplish that, you will need UK IP address… let’s have a look how to get it!

1) Get one of the handy free extensions for your Internet browser which enable you to change your IP to UK one, too, for example:

Media Hint

Hola Better Internet


2) Download TunnelBear and use it to switch to UK IP address. Inititally, you will get 500 MB of data for free, then you have to purchase advanced data package to access more data online.

Hint: Tweet TunnelBear to get 1 GB of free data!

b) You can use one of the MANY free live streams which do not require any IP switching:


(Click the red ‘BBC One’ button on the bottom bar)



c) Wait until the superfast IT fans upload the episode online

(Will try and link you when downloadable eps appear ;) You’ll all want to rewatch it until you’ll end up unconscious anyway, so it’ll be a useful info for all of you. You KNOW I am right.)


I know that it’s rather hard to keep up with all the time zones, therefore, here’s the list of the most common times (and dates)!

- London, UK (GMT): 5st January 2014 20:30

- New York, NY, USA (EST): 5st January 2014 15:30

- Los Angeles, CA, USA (PST): 5st January 2014 12:30

- Sao Paolo, Brazil (BRST): 5st January 2014 18:30

- Berlin, Germany (CET): 5st January 2014 21:30

(also applies for Prague, Vienna, Rome, Warsaw, Bratislava,…)

- Moscow, Russia (MSK): 6nd January 0:30

- New Delhi, India (IST): 6nd January 2:00

- Sydney, Australia (AEDT): 6nd January 7:30

- Hong Kong, China (HKT): 6nd January 4:30

- Tokyo, Japan (JST): 6nd January 5:30

If you cannot find your location here, you can use the time zone converter to find out when Sherlock airs in your time zone!


Sherlockology has put together all the worldwide air dates available so far. You can find the list on their website.


We would like to remain spoiler-free until Sherlock airs in the US (starting 19th January). We understand that in some countries the series will air later, however, we cannot maintain the spoiler-free policy any longer. Even the three weeks period will be pretty hard to keep up.

We will tag the new posts with ‘Series Three’ & numbers for the individual episodes:

'3.01' for The Empty Hearse, 

'3.02' for The Sign of Three and

'3.03' for His Last Vow.

We hope that all the above mentioned information will help you and enable you to ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF SERIES THREE!

If you have any problems or questions, message us here or on FB/Twitter!

We hope that all the above mentioned information will help you and enable you to ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF SERIES THREE!

If you have any problems or questionsmessage us here or on FB/Twitter!